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Who Else Wants a Fun and Empowering Program for Your Child? 

Martial arts is an amazing way for children to gain Confidence, build Respect and learn Discipline.  

You can get 3 classes for just $30 (limited time only) for your child by clicking the button below today!  

Classes start as young as Age 3 1/2.

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Build Your Confidence

Martial Arts not only exercises the body but also hones the mind and increases confidence. The art is an active way to build self-esteem, self-discipline and self-defense.  

Dunham's Martial Arts focuses on making the ancient traditions of martial arts relevant to the needs of a 21st century American.

Start your training off today! Our trial program is three introductory lessons for $30.  

Tiny Tigers: Martial Arts for Kids Ages 3.5-4

Young Grasshoppers: Martial Arts for Kids Ages 4-6

Juniors: Martial Arts for Kids Ages 7-12

We're conveniently located in Springfield: