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Who Else Wants a Fun and Empowering Program for Your Child? 

Martial arts is an amazing way for children to gain Confidence, build Respect and learn Discipline.  

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Classes start as young as Age 2 1/2.

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Martial Arts is scientifically proven to improve brain cognition, alertness and focus.  

Start your kids learning early and they will reap the benefits of this life skill for years to come!  

At Girton's ATA Taekwondo, we will teach your child to master their focus and concentration while exercising and having fun in a safe environment.  

Better Grades at School

Girton's ATA Taekwondo develops a kid's focus and concentration, resulting in better grades in school and improved performance.

Unshakeable Confidence

Through a structured program of training and overcoming challenges, Girton's ATA Taekwondo kids develop a sense of Confidence that carries throughout life.

Respect for Self and Others 

Powerful, meaningful relationships with friends and family are a core of Girton's ATA Taekwondo. Kids learn communication skills as well as appropriate bondaries.

Kids' Classes

Girton's ATA Taekwondo Offers Classes accepts children starting at age 2.5 and up.

Family Classes

Our Girton's ATA Taekwondo Family Program encourages parents and children to train together in the same class.

We're conveniently located in Bayside:

333 W. Brown Deer Rd. in Bayside

Start your building your child's confidence today.

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